Engagement: Guy & Becky

Guy and Becky Engagement Celebration Congratulations

There’s something pretty special about the moment you find out your best friend is engaged. With my best girlfriend Meg, I had known for a while that her husband-to-be was planning to propose; so every time I got a call from her, I was anticipating the news! For me, last weekend after a great catch up with an old group of friends, I got a late night text. Given my best guy friend Guy, lives overseas, it wasn’t unusual to get a late night text with the time difference. However, I was uber-excited when the first line of the text said It felt like at that moment, our lives were all connected again. Our group of friends from when we… Read More →

Making you believe in true love…

So, I’ve posted about Emi & Chase previously… But I just have to reiterate their story. It’s truly beautiful, and really makes you believe in true love and happily ever afters! I’m going to share the first part of their story with you, and I guarantee you’ll want to read on… Read their full story on their blog here!

Tiffany & Co – #truelovepictures

I loved this competition when I saw it earlier in the year, and as they are doing another round of it now, I was compelled to have a quick flick through some of the older entries. This moment just struck a chord, and thought it was beautifully captured. Submitted by @inkedfingers. Caption reads: My heart skips a beat when I think of spending every second by your side @TiffanyAndCo #truelovepictures Enter your own True Love moment @ Tiffany and Co