Wedding DIY: I choose you

I’ve always been such a fan of little special touches from the bride and groom in the form of DIY. I found this on Pinterest and was photographed by the beautiful Kortni Marie Photography in the USA. Definitely some inspiration for some wedding DIY! What better sentiment of a newly wedded bride and groom than “I choose you, this day and every day”… What’s your favourite DIY element from a wedding you’ve seen or been to? Please share in the comments! Featured image credit

Same Love: Tegan + Julia

As always, my beautiful guest editor Kate Piasecka shares such a delightful love story! I love a good surprise wedding party, and it’s been captured just brilliantly through Kate’s words and the photography from Photojo! Love is in the air. Love is all you need. Love is all around. Love can set you free. This is a post about love. It’s about 26 year old Julia and 28 year old Tegan. A six year old love that started in Adelaide and continues to grow in Melbourne; cemented at an engagement party-turned-surprise wedding back in March. Attended by friends and family, Jules and Tegs as they are known affectionately, made their love known in a ceremony not unlike any other wedding…. Read More →

Engagement: Guy & Becky

Guy and Becky Engagement Celebration Congratulations

There’s something pretty special about the moment you find out your best friend is engaged. With my best girlfriend Meg, I had known for a while that her husband-to-be was planning to propose; so every time I got a call from her, I was anticipating the news! For me, last weekend after a great catch up with an old group of friends, I got a late night text. Given my best guy friend Guy, lives overseas, it wasn’t unusual to get a late night text with the time difference. However, I was uber-excited when the first line of the text said It felt like at that moment, our lives were all connected again. Our group of friends from when we… Read More →

Real Wedding: Kath & Bala

Corey Sleap Photo

I recently came across this beautiful wedding from Corey Sleap in Melbourne, and was instantly obsessed and wanted to see more! The photographs certainly bring the stunning wedding to life, and with a dancing-down-the-aisle wedding party, you can be sure that was hard to capture each moment! What truly comes through in these photos, are the love these two have for one another. The adoring gazes and happiness shine through in these images, with photographer Corey Sleap admitting that Kath and Bala’s wedding was a bit of a tear jerker, “one of those weddings where I find myself using the camera as a tear hiding mask”. For the full photographs of this stunning wedding, head over to Corey’s site. Location… Read More →

Catherine & Joe: Country Romance

Catherine and Joe country wedding carly ravenhall

Almost three years ago I introduced my brother Joe to my excellent friend Catherine. I knew instantly that from that first meeting that it was on. As much as they both played it down, their blossoming relationship became the worst kept secret of all time. Catherine: ‘Kate I have something to tell you.” Me: “What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Catherine: “I’ve been seeing your brother,” *I feign horror while trying not to laugh* Catherine: “Are you upset?” Me: “Hahahahahahahahahaha.” (Or something along those lines) Nearly a year after that first encounter, Joe – who is a submariner in the Royal Australian Navy – was shipped to Perth. The two decided to maintain a long distance relationship and figure it out… Read More →

Making you believe in true love…

So, I’ve posted about Emi & Chase previously… But I just have to reiterate their story. It’s truly beautiful, and really makes you believe in true love and happily ever afters! I’m going to share the first part of their story with you, and I guarantee you’ll want to read on… Read their full story on their blog here!

Sneak Peek: Nidhi & Eric

Wow, what a wedding! What an experience! I definitely need some time to collate the full post about Nidhi and Eric’s wedding – and serious consultation with the bride and groom to make sure I get everything right! The Rajasthan wedding, held at Neemrama Fort Palace was certainly one to remember. Not only were the weekend festivities memorable and fun, with the bride and groom donning two extravagant outfits to gawk at, but the merging of both Nidhi and Eric’s worlds was seamless. Friends and family all got along famously, with new friendships formed over the days at the Fort. A few highlights… Spending time with Nidhi! Getting to spend some valuable time with Nids before, during and after the… Read More →

Love is in the air…

Love is certainly in the air this April! Two of my darling friends have just gotten engaged! Congratulations to the beautiful Melissa and Rezwan who got engaged in Egypt of all places, while travelling with Melissa’s family. What a way to propose, I’m sure it will be a memorable one for the family! 😉 And to my amazingly talented colleague, and most wonderful friend, Kara! Too cute that Craig couldn’t wait until their planned holiday to ask KJ to marry him. What a romantic, setting up a table on the beach with balloons and french champagne…Congrats you guys!

Sam & Jess: 29 February 2012

Sam and Jess feature

Sam and I went to Bond University together, and he’s always been such a fun and genuine friend. While I don’t see Sam all the time in Melbourne, it’s always such fun to see him and catch up. Seeing the video that his videographer (C2 Video) put together of his big day just took my breath away – it looked like the most perfect and magical day. His bride, Jess, is truly one of the most classical and stunning brides I’ve ever seen. And never without a gorgeous, infectious smile! The moments that C2 have captured of Jess getting ready with her family and bridesmaids are perfectly lit and she seems so relaxed and happy. I particularly love the iconic… Read More →