Thinking about a Tropical Destination Wedding?

Tropical Destination Weddings

Recently, bride to be Natalie contacted me and was admidst planning her own wedding. Today, Nat brings you her wisdom from all her research into tropical destination weddings! As a bride to be I have always dreamed of a destination wedding, the change of scenery, the ambiance that you get when people are on holiday all contribute to a magical event that nobody will ever forget. Destination weddings are becoming more popular each year.  With so many people putting off marriage until well into their 20’s or 30’s, destination weddings make sense.  After all, by this time, people have likely enjoyed traveling for work, pleasure or both.  If not, a destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to start exploring the… Read More →

Sneak Peek: Nidhi & Eric

Wow, what a wedding! What an experience! I definitely need some time to collate the full post about Nidhi and Eric’s wedding – and serious consultation with the bride and groom to make sure I get everything right! The Rajasthan wedding, held at Neemrama Fort Palace was certainly one to remember. Not only were the weekend festivities memorable and fun, with the bride and groom donning two extravagant outfits to gawk at, but the merging of both Nidhi and Eric’s worlds was seamless. Friends and family all got along famously, with new friendships formed over the days at the Fort. A few highlights… Spending time with Nidhi! Getting to spend some valuable time with Nids before, during and after the… Read More →

Kristina & Josh: 25 November 2011, Hawaii

Our favourite destination wedding of 2011, our beautiful friends Kristina and Josh were married on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Turtle Bay Resort was the perfect setting for their nuptials. Truly a fairytale story, Josh and Kristina met by chance on St Patricks Day while Kristina was backpacking around Australia, and Josh was on business in Sydney. A story that you would only believe hearing it first hand from the couple themselves, it was complete fate that brought those two together. A leap of faith by Kristina in moving to Australia, here they are now, married 4 years later. (See Kristina & Josh’s story at the end of this post) Planning a destination wedding can’t have been easy, but… Read More →