Marriage Waters

Marriage Waters Something Borrowed

Have you ever thought about getting married on a boat, out on the open waters? Sailing has a way of getting under your skin unlike any other sport, and at such short notice! The technical difficulties of owning or operating a boat never stopped parents or pet owners, so why not incorporate it into other high-maintenance events. Like a boat wedding, perhaps? Choosing a boat as your wedding venue brings some charm to your special day that you could not find anywhere else, except perhaps in a cave wedding, or a forest wedding. It all depends on your aesthetic preferences, and each is lovelier than the other. Still, a day in the sun and salty air, waves caressing the wedding… Read More →

Thinking about a Tropical Destination Wedding?

Tropical Destination Weddings

Recently, bride to be Natalie contacted me and was admidst planning her own wedding. Today, Nat brings you her wisdom from all her research into tropical destination weddings! As a bride to be I have always dreamed of a destination wedding, the change of scenery, the ambiance that you get when people are on holiday all contribute to a magical event that nobody will ever forget. Destination weddings are becoming more popular each year.  With so many people putting off marriage until well into their 20’s or 30’s, destination weddings make sense.  After all, by this time, people have likely enjoyed traveling for work, pleasure or both.  If not, a destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to start exploring the… Read More →

Venue Space Preview: Eureka89

Eureka89 Venue space

There’s no denying the Melbourne skyline…it’s beautiful; and from 89 floors up, it’s spectacular! You may not realise – ‘cos I certainly didn’t – that the Eureka tower has a venue space tucked away on Level 89, which is the highest floor of the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest residential building. Sensational views for your wedding reception! I feel privileged to have been included in a small group of talented wedding bloggers/florists/wedding planners and magazine editors, with only about 15 of us in total attending a beautiful luncheon put on by the space today. We were treated to entrees, a tour of the venue, delicious mains and too tasty desserts! I was so humbled to meet some beautiful ladies behind Real Weddings… Read More →

SheSays Launch & Mon Bijou

SheSays Melbourne Launch at Mon Bijou

SheSays, the international networking and mentoring group for women in advertising, marketing and media, launched to a wonderful group of senior women at Mon Bijou on Thursday 18th October. SheSays new Melbourne arm joins existing networks in New York, London, LA, Singapore and Sydney, and hopes to support women in the marketing industry through networking, mentoring, education and collaboration. I was lucky enough to be a part of the founding committee with the talented Kara Jenkins and Jane Hutton. We were also lucky enough that we could hold the launch event in such a beautiful location as “Mon Bijou” above the Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne. Finding a place that we felt as passionate about as the launch of SheSays Melbourne… Read More →