Save the dates

I know everyone gets excited when they see a handwritten envelope in their mailbox – or at least I do!  Save the dates are typically sent out 6-12 months prior to one’s wedding. They have become a bit more postcard like, being easy to send and no response necessary at that point. Magnets are also popular to then remind people stuck up on their fridge. Sending save the dates to invited guests is particularly important for destination weddings or weddings where there will be a large number of interstate/international guests. This gives them time to plan/save/book for your big day. Keep them pretty simple, so that they are not confused with an actual invitation – they only need to have… Read More →

Deciphering the “dress code”

If you’re feeling unclear what the dress code means on the invite, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Often the invitation to the wedding will give away the type of wedding the bride and groom are hoping for, with the subtle colour tones and ambiance. Location is also important to choosing the appropriate wedding attire also.