The French Gumboot Chef

The French Gumboot Chef

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and was surprised and spoiled by my other half! To kick off my birthday celebrations, he surprised me with a private dining experience with incredible chef Antoine Cheron, also known as “The French Gumboot Chef”. Little did I know, that Antoine had cooked with the likes of Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumethal, and cooked for Princess Diana throughout his career. Driving with no knowledge of where we were headed, we parked in a tiny carpark in the town of Warburton, and wandered into a little cafe. There was a little sign saying “private function” toward the back of the cafe, and as we entered the room I was met with a beautifully set table… Read More →

Monday morning surprise!

My lovely sister in law, owner of The Luxe Cake Company, just dropped this off for me at work this morning! Aren’t I lucky! I think everyone at Visual Jazz Isobar appreciated it too! 😉

Favourite part of a wedding?

Now, this is always a hard question to answer. There are inevitably great things about every wedding, but each one, has it’s own unique ‘something’ that makes it different to the last. For example, the wedding I most recently attended, was the absolute closest to what I would want out of my own wedding. My favourite part about it was seeing how she did everything and separated the events of the evening. Ask anyone else at the wedding, and you’re guaranteed to get a different answer every time. But, just for curiosity’s sake – what’s your favourite part of any wedding you’ve attended? Feel free to add your own answers to the ones I’ve already suggested!