Green Bridal Bouquet

Viburnum and white tulip wedding bouquet

I was pinning a few new things this evening, and came across this stunning bouquet of viburnum and white tulips. I loved how different and fresh this was, and slightly less traditional. Green flowers aren’t typically used in bridal bouquets, but they add such a dimension to them! They add a lovely alternative natural and fresh feel to your big day! I also particularly love this bouquet and the rustic heshen wrapped around the stems of the flowers.

Choosing artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet

The lovely Nicole from “How Divine” has been talking to me about artificial flowers for a while now, and so I asked her to write a few words to share with you all! Brides are faced with so many options when planning their wedding, and choosing the right wedding flowers can be a tricky decision. A number of brides aren’t quite sure what flowers will be in season on their wedding day, the average cost of flowers, which flowers look best together and even what to do with them after their wedding day! So many questions! Here’s a few hot tips if you’re considering using artificial real touch flowers for your bouquets:

Inspire Me Wednesday: Kelly O’Schmidt

Kelly and Steven at the church

Since I haven’t seen any inspirational photography this week, and I haven’t featured one of my best friend’s weddings yet…Today’s Wednesday post goes to the lovely Kelly O’Connell, and her hubby Steven Schmidt. Affectionately known as “The O’Schmidt’s”. Unfortunately, this gal didn’t get to attend their wedding, one trip too many back to the USA for the year of 2011 sadly! Kelly moved out to Australia from the USA, with her fiance Steven. That’s a pretty big move for a girl at the height of her career! I’m damn happy she moved here! Kelly has become one of my best friends, and we have had some amazing times. She is one of the toughest, positive, awe-inspiring people I know, and… Read More →

The Bouquet Toss

Now, until recently I actually had never been to a wedding where the bouquet hadn’t been thrown into a crowd of women. The throwing of the garter is seemingly on the way out, but the bouquet toss? Surely not! However I have now attended two wedding that didn’t throw the bouquet, and the next morning had me thinking “did I drink so much last night that I missed it?!” But I didn’t miss it, the bride simply left it off the evenings playlist. I respect that!

Favourite part of a wedding?

Now, this is always a hard question to answer. There are inevitably great things about every wedding, but each one, has it’s own unique ‘something’ that makes it different to the last. For example, the wedding I most recently attended, was the absolute closest to what I would want out of my own wedding. My favourite part about it was seeing how she did everything and separated the events of the evening. Ask anyone else at the wedding, and you’re guaranteed to get a different answer every time. But, just for curiosity’s sake – what’s your favourite part of any wedding you’ve attended? Feel free to add your own answers to the ones I’ve already suggested!