It’s certainly been a bucking trend over the past 2 years to have gorgeous fresh floral crowns for either the bride and/or bridesmaids. We caught up with the team over at Fresh Flowers to get them to give us the low-down on how to achieve this look on a budget!

If you are planning your wedding, you might have noticed that one of the upcoming trends is floral crowns. These are so beautiful and natural, they add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your wedding.

Once you have selected your wedding dress and bridesmaids outfits, it is a good idea to give some thought to floral crowns. You can order these along with your bouquets, men’s boutonnieres, chapel flowers and reception centrepieces from your wedding florist, all at the same time.

Before you actually go ahead and order your floral crowns, you need to decide on the type of flowers and the design that you want. So the easiest way to do this is to make a few floral crowns yourself and you can even take them along to your wedding dress fittings to see which one looks the best.

Why not make this a special floral crown day? Just gather up your bridesmaids and girlfriends and have a lovely afternoon making floral crowns.

Flower Crown

Collect all of your supplies together…

You need to collect a few tools and supplies then you are good to go. So purchase some floral tape, wire, wire cutter and then your choice of flowers and greenery. You can use flowers from your garden, from your local supermarket, or you can order the flowers online through Fresh Flowers. They have flower delivery in Melbourne and have same-day delivery. You can do this floral crown project in a jiffy.

STEP 1:  First you need to measure the circumference of your head, add a few extra centimetres and cut the wire the same length. Then, form the wire into a circle and wind the extra centimetres of wire around the circle to make the circlet. Wind several layers of floral tape around the circlet a few times to make it nice and firm and to add some padding.

Making a flower crown - Step 1

STEP 2:  Next, you need to select the flowers and greenery for your floral crown. Trim the stems to about 10cm in length and group them in little bundles using the wire. Depending on your design, you will either fill the entire circlet with the greenery or just a half crown.

Making a flower crown - step 2

STEP 3: The final step is where it all comes together, using your floral tape attach your flowers bundles to the circlet, use a few layers of tape to cover the stems and wires and to make sure that they are firmly attached and won’t fall off while you are dancing.

Making a floral crown - step 3

It is a good idea to make a few of these floral crowns in different designs with different flowers, so you can decide which design suits your wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses as well. Once you have made your final decision, when you can order your flowers for your wedding, it can now include the unique designs for your floral crowns.

We would love to see any floral crowns you may have made for your own weddings!

To get in touch with Fresh Flowers visit their website.

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