As always, my beautiful guest editor Kate Piasecka shares such a delightful love story! I love a good surprise wedding party, and it’s been captured just brilliantly through Kate’s words and the photography from Photojo!

Love is in the air. Love is all you need. Love is all around. Love can set you free.

This is a post about love.

It’s about 26 year old Julia and 28 year old Tegan.

Tegan and Julia

A six year old love that started in Adelaide and continues to grow in Melbourne; cemented at an engagement party-turned-surprise wedding back in March.

Attended by friends and family, Jules and Tegs as they are known affectionately, made their love known in a ceremony not unlike any other wedding. While their commitment is not yet recognised as a marriage by our government, the couple decided to tie to knot anyway.

“Initially we were planning on a small destination wedding in a country where our marriage would be legally recognised. But as we started planning the engagement party, we were overwhelmed by the love and support of all our friends and family, and realised their celebration of our relationship mattered most”, says Julia.

Once upon a time…

“We met in 2006. Tegs was living the dream – well, my dream – working in a chocolate dessert café. I’d often go in and I noticed her, and I suppose she noticed me. Then one night during Feast (an Adelaide GLBTQI festival) she recognised me on the dance floor and we started talking, and that was it really…” explains Julia

The Proposal

“We were away in Daylesford celebrating our 6 year anniversary. Tegs wrote me a love note in French, cut up into love-heart puzzle pieces. She gave me pieces throughout the day until the evening when I put it all together, and stumbled through with rusty high school French and made out the last line, which asked me to spend my life with her. I didn’t trust my translation, but when I looked up there was Tegs, standing there, shaking like a little leaf, and holding an open ring box”, says Julia.

The Wedding

Tegan and Julia were married in a casual French provincial-themed ceremony in Clifton Hill’s Darling Gardens on Saturday, March 23 at what their guests believed to be their engagement party.

“We had this crazy idea to surprise everyone by having the ceremony at the engagement party! We wanted the celebration to be unexpected, informal and a lot of fun, and it was. We are incredibly lucky that it all worked out perfectly – even the unpredictable Melbourne weather was on our side”, Julia explains.

Opting not to wear traditional gowns while exchanging their vows, Julia wore a fitted, floral print cocktail dress by Arthur Galan while her bride wore a blue Review dress synched at the waist with box pleat detail.

Guests were wooed by William Cooper, an accordion player atop a hay bale, who Julia had discovered busking on Degraves Street in Melbourne.

The wedding was styled by the brides and their families.

“Once we got the big items like a marquee, wine barrels and umbrellas from a hire company, we just collected our decorations from all over – an old suitcase from a vintage shop, hay bales from a friend’s farm, the blackboard from our kitchen, my own retro-style bike and we hand wrote quotes on butchers paper for the walls. We picked up a cheap Polaroid camera and some fun props, and pegged nametags to some twine across the marquee and asked everyone to find and replace their name tag with their instant photo, which was a lot of fun, and which got funnier and funnier as the day wore on.

“A shout out needs to go to my brother-in-law and stepdad for creating the rustic signs that directed guests around the party. They really brought it all together”, remarks Julia.

The night ended with an unplanned ‘first dance’ when one of the guests put on ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

“We all enjoyed this really emotive, loved-up dance… of which there is – regretfully – an embarrassing video clip floating about on YouTube”, laughs Julia.

Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed14 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed12 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed10 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed09 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed08 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed05 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed04 Tegan_Julia_SomethingBorrowed11


Venue / Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill
Dresses / Arthur Galan & Review
Hair & Makeup / Rogue Artists
Photography / PhotoJo
Catering / Mark’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza & La Belle Miette
Drinks / Shakers Cocktails
Styling / The brides & families

Not quite the end

Tegan and Julia are recognised as being in a de facto relationship by Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

“We look forward to an Australia that recognises marriage equality. When the time comes, we will definitely complete the paperwork and celebrate with those closest to us, but we won’t feel any more committed than we do now. We’ll just be satisfied that our relationship is recognised not just by our supportive friends and family, but by the law as well”, Tegan says.

If you are interested in finding out more about the pro-marriage equality movement in Australia, best you head on over to Australian Marriage Equality.

Love is love!

Kate x


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