There’s something pretty special about the moment you find out your best friend is engaged. With my best girlfriend Meg, I had known for a while that her husband-to-be was planning to propose; so every time I got a call from her, I was anticipating the news!

For me, last weekend after a great catch up with an old group of friends, I got a late night text. Given my best guy friend Guy, lives overseas, it wasn’t unusual to get a late night text with the time difference. However, I was uber-excited when the first line of the text said

“Becky and I are engaged!”

It felt like at that moment, our lives were all connected again. Our group of friends from when we were younger used to be myself and three of the boys. We’ve since gone our separate journeys but still in good contact, and on that Saturday night, I had seen one of them, Skyped together with another that was in Vietnam, and then a text from Guy to us all to say he was engaged. I think the universe was tying us all together that evening to celebrate on some level with Guy and Becky and share in their good news. So I’m a softie, what of it!

Guy is a very special friend to me, and we’ve been through a lot in our 13 years of friendship. He moved to Scotland over 5 years ago now, could be 6?! Time has flown as the years roll by and we get older, but when Guy found Becky, he was truly blessed. He knew it too – being very quick to let us know he was dating the most amazing person he’d ever met. Upon meeting Becky on her first trip out to Australia to meet the friends, it was easy to see that these two were the perfect match and she was a keeper. The mutual respect and adoration these two have for one another is truly inspiring. Seeing how happy Guy was, was all the reason you needed to love Becky, but her general nature and personality makes you love her anyway without needing more reasons!

I am so beyond thrilled that one of my closest and dearest friends has found the love of his life and his best friend for life. Congratulations to Becky and Guy on their engagement!

Guy and Becky in NYC

Guy and Becky in NYC where he proposed!

Guy and Becky

Guy and Becky

Guy has kindly offered to guest blog for Something Borrowed from a male perspective on PLANNING the proposal, which I can’t wait to feature when he and Becky arrive back on Australian soil next month after their adventures across NYC and the Amazon. So stay tuned toward the end of the month for that 🙂

Feature image courtesy of Etsy.

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