I love a guest post at Something Borrowed, so was super excited that ASOS Australia wanted to give their tips on wedding accessories for this season!

With wedding season fast approaching, at ASOS we have decided to put together a guide that points brides in a good direction when it comes to wedding accessories. This is considered mission impossible for many brides, whether to go simple and safe, or make a statement and take a risk. The most important rule to abide by is choose accessories that work harmoniously with the dress. Think elegant and chic; less is more applies for the best wedding look no matter what the circumstances.

Earrings and Necklace

Your earrings and necklace very much play off one another and getting the right combination between the two pieces is important to achieving your desired look. Simply put – make one of them your stand out piece, so if you decide to wear understated pearls or studs, go for a slightly more daring necklace and vice versa.

The dress you wear will dictate the type of necklace you choose.

  • Strapless dress; choose your necklace depending on how low the dress is, the rule of thumb the lower the top of your dress is, the shorter your necklace needs to be. Look to rest the necklace on your collar bone.
  • V- Neck dresses; choose a necklace that doesn’t take attention from the dress, think simplicity. A small or medium sized pendant is ideal.
  • Sweetheart neckline; as a rule of thumb the necklace should complement your neckline. Simple round necklaces, bridal chokers and low sitting necklaces all go with the sweetheart style.

Wedding Necklaces

The number one tip when choosing your earrings is to make sure they work in line with your necklace. The most popular trend at the moment is diamond; off the ear and studs. If you decide to wear an entrecote or detailed dress, think simple when it comes to earrings.

Wedding Earings

Headbands and Brooches

The most popular trend of late is wedding headbands, and if you like to be a little quirky or feel like something is missing from your look, this is the perfect choice for you. The idea is to be understated and to add subtle touches, so this season if you decide to wear your hair down the asymmetric headband brooch is ideal, adding an extra feminine touch. If you decide to wear your hair up go for the hair brooch without a headband, place it close to your hairstyle adding to your look. If you want to be a little quirky Garland headbands that sit around your hairstyle are perfect.

Wedding Headbands and Broaches


Less is definitely more when it comes to bracelets; simple thin chains that match the rest of your jewellery are the preferred option. Cute charm bracelets also seem to be coming into fashion more and more around wedding season mainly for superstitious reasons, just remember the simpler the better. Make sure it is a nice tight fit and not hanging from the wrist.
Wedding bracelet

 Much appreciated to the ASOS Australia crew for sharing their thoughts on this season’s best accessories tips! Have you got any of your own to share? We’d love to hear them! Love, Steph. XX

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