I recently caught up with the uber talented Jerome Cole, who shared his wisdom of what to look out for on the day of your wedding when it comes to photography. Jerome is one seriously great photographer, and even nicer guy! Definitely someone you want shooting your wedding.

When it comes to choosing a photographer, one of the things that sometimes get overlooked is the chemistry between the photographer and the couple.  You spend the whole day with your photographer, so you have to get along with them! Jerome is quick to note that you need to find a photographer that you instantly ‘click’ with, and can imagine spending that day with.

Choose someone who shoots in a manner which suits your personality and the style of your wedding. Your experience on the day is vitally important; if you feel comfortable with your photographer, the photos will reflect that.

- Jerome Cole

Jerome Cole

Make sure to look carefully at each photographer’s sample albums as well as their blog to see what type of shots they generally capture. The key is to look at the facial expressions and body language in the photos. A great photographer can capture unique moments, and make you feel as though you were actually at the wedding, when you look at the images. Great images of your special day is how you will remember it!

On the day, the amount of time you allow for photos can vary vastly. On location shoots can tend to range from half an hour to 3 hours, but are usually about an hour.

How long do you need your photographer to stay for?

Depending on the type of photographs you’re after for the day, this will dictate where you spend most of your time. For example, if you are after more of a photojournalistic approach, then you’ll look to maximise time celebrating with family and friends, rather than the large bridal party shoot with lots of different locations.

8 hours coverage usually covers both the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony and location shoot and up to a few hours of the reception depending on the timing and locations on the day.

Jerome notes that he usually spends an hour each with the bride and groom getting ready.  You’ll also want your photographer to get to the ceremony half an hour early to ensure you capture guests arriving…and there’s a probability of things running later than planned!

If you have a set list of photographs you want captured from your photographer, it works well to make a list of family photo combinations and to give that list to someone who knows most people involved to organise.

Want a group shot of everyone that attended your wedding? The best time for this is directly following the ceremony, and then allows the non-family and those required for photographs to move around and mingle.

I love to capture guests congratulating the bride and groom for about 10 minutes before taking the family photos.

- Jerome Cole

Jerome Cole

The biggest factor in the number of hours of coverage is the amount of the reception a bride and groom would like captured. This ranges from an hour up until the very end. The key is to make sure you have these conversations with your photographer so that nothing is a surprise on the day!

To get in contact with Jerome, check out his website.

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