Pinterest certainly helps you find some beautiful content sometimes… and I recently came across this beautiful gaggle of women and the most perfectly stunning barn wedding from last year via Wedding Chicks. Does 4 women constitute a “gaggle”? I’m sticking to it…

I loved the overall styling of this wedding once I saw the feature! But what really drew me in was the beautiful simplicity of the bride and her ‘maids look. It’s such a fresh spin on vintage, and captured so wonderfully via Debra Eby, you felt a connection as you move through these photographs.

Beautifully ensembled neutral bridesmaid dresses! Bridesmaid dresses were via Etsy, designer River of Romansk.

Neutral Bridesmaids

Wedding hair photography by Debra Eby

Barn wedding; photography by Debra Eby

Full wedding feature at Wedding Chicks.
Featured photo courtesy of Diary of a Chair

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  • Jane Louise

    I love this page Steph. Bridesmaid dresses are so pretty

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