Chase & Emi their story

So, I’ve posted about Emi & Chase previously… But I just have to reiterate their story. It’s truly beautiful, and really makes you believe in true love and happily ever afters!

I’m going to share the first part of their story with you, and I guarantee you’ll want to read on…

they met in college at a back-to-school carnival in august 2009.

he was a sigma chi, and she was a chi omega.
they started out as just friends.
they went country dancing on their first date.
they went on a few more dates here and there but also dated lots of other people.
he found her on new years eve 2010 and just missed the countdown…
no kiss, but they cuddled for the first time.
she traveled all over and was gone a lot.
he dated other girls.
he finally saw her again one night on campus.
he decided he was done dating other girls.
he started to pursue her.
she resisted.

he courted her the old-fashioned way.

he picked her up for late night rides on his vespa. he dropped off her favorite treats.
he left notes on her car. he took her dancing. he took her out to nice dinners.

he got her to try sushi for the first time.
she was leaving to intern in washington DC.
he didn’t give up.
she left to the east coast.
he surprised her with a visit over the 4th of july.
she started to fall for him.

Emi and Chase true love

Read their full story on their blog here!
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