I came across this wedding after finding this photo on Pinterest and falling in love with the pink and white striped bridesmaid outfits! I loved that they weren’t actually dresses but done beautifully with the golden neutral tshirt style to complete the outfit and match the bride.

After trying to find the photographer of this image to see more photos of the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, I came across their story. Emi & Chase have a dedicated site that tells the stories of their lives together, including their beautiful wedding photos! But I’m here to focus on the bridesmaid dresses, because I was instantly drawn to how different these ensembles were and loved the touch of pink! Highly recommend checking out their bridal photography shoot as well, truly divine!

Pink and white bridesmaid striped dresses

pink and white striped bridesmaid dresses

I also loved their special touch of having different facts about their love story on each of the tables.

“1: Number of days until the wedding”

“12: Number of months of long distance dating”

And just when I didn’t think the wedding could get any more perfect, I saw these photos of before their wedding reception…And then I read their engagement story. These two are adorable…and something to aspire to! Oh, and don’t forget to check out their wedding vid either, I’ve posted it at the bottom for your viewing pleasure!

Emi & Chase

I should also point out that these photographs were stunningly captured by Tessa Barton Photography.

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  • emi

    we just saw this and we’re so flattered that you did a post! your site is darling! xo

    • Steph

      Oh thankyou so much for stopping by! I love your site, and your story! Truly beautiful wedding, congratulations! Xx

  • tessa barton

    lovely post xoxo

  • Misty

    This looks soo beautful where did yu get the bridesmaids dresses they r amazing

  • April

    Since finding some of this brides photos on pinterest I have been desperately trying to figure out who this dress is made by. Is it custom? Purchased? I would love to find this dress or replicate it. Any information would be so awesome. Thank you! 🙂


    • Steph

      Hi April, I’ve been in touch with the bride, and she noted that she actually found and bought the fabric online and then had it made by her seamstress!

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